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Listening Mosh Pit Kerosene our first album

Listen Mosh Pit Kerosene wherever you are and want!!!

Listening Hellflight in the BDG plataform

Now you can listening the album mosh pit kerosene in the first national digital plataform just click in the in the link below and enjoy!!!

Hellflight needs you to go to Lisboa – Portugal!!!

Hi guys, help us win in the vote of the event EDP Live Bands 2017, it is easy just click on the link to connect with the facebook account and vote !!! I count on your help Keep Rock !!!  

Next Show Aquarius Feb/18

Let’s meet us in Aquarius in Saturday night of Feb/18!!!  

Perform Feb/05/2017

Check it out a little about our last gig, that had facebook trasmittion of some parts of the show. Link below

The First Show in 2017

The first show in 2017, will be an event in the Lado B in São Caetano do Sul. 05/02 at 15h. The band will play a little of Mosh Pit Kerosene Abum. We wait for you there. Keeping Rock!!! Chek your presence here:  

Hellflight artwork evolution!!!

One minute to check the artwork of the first album of hellflight, enjoy!!  

Hellflight and Metal Agency!!!

Hellflight would like to thanks the metal agency that is supporting the band to open the doors to the world in 2017.

New Album almost already!

The new album Mosh Pit Kerosne is almost already to destroy, that is the art of the album enjoy!!! Especial thank’s to Aline Delmonte & Mayumi Ito, we are very happy for the great work!!!  

Hellflight – Final Nightmare

That’s another song of hellflight enjoy, Keeping Rock!!!

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