The band started its activities from February 2014, after a long training process. Were more than 10 months looking for the right players in the right positions and with the necessary motivation for the work happen in an honest, professional and within our purpose. The first, always difficult and challenging , it has made the HELLFLIGHT would direct the musical work for the creation of music copyright , seeking the release of an EP first , and leaving for bolder designs .

The initial formation of HELLFLIGHT :
• ENEAS Silva – Vocal and Guitar Rythim (From Feb / 2014 until April / 2015)
• JAN Selders – Lead Guitar
• ADRIANO Oliveira – Bass and Backing Vocals
• RODRIGO Morelli – Drums

Between March and May of 2015 , two songs were worked and created , Deep Stall & Bird of Prey , which very well accepted in webradios and portals of independent bands , helped a lot in spreading the band. In parallel and as revenue assurance, HELLFLIGHT made jingles for eduacionais and retail companies , ensuring financial capital for production, registration and recording of the first songs that would be released as EP further in 2014 .

It is a rock band with influences from big names of today and the past: – Metallica ; Megadeth ; Motörhead ; Ozzy Osbourne; Black Sabbath; Led Zepplin ; AC DC; Seattle Bands, Deep Purple , Hard Rock ; Classic Rock.

In July 2014, it was released the first EP From HELLFLIGHT, called Demos 01 with a five and composed of our own songs, duly recorded in official vehicles in Brazil and abroad. These songs possibly be part of the first release of the CD HELLFLIGHT provided ara year-end 2015, released independently. The EP is now sold in the main online channels such as Apple Store, Google Play, Spotfy among others.

The band, since May 2015, also disponbiliza a free app so fans can install on their mobile devices and monitor everything that happens in the world of HELLFLIGHT.

Shows the HELLFLIGHT are filled with classic rock, hard rock and heavy metal, and interspersed among these songs, the songs of the EP Demos 1. From 2014 until now, we did shows in Sao Paulo, Capital, Santos, Americana and Mogi das crosses, as well as participation in sporting events and college fairs. Although he never left Brazil, the band has followers abroad, especially in Mexico and Argentina.

In April 2015, due to problems with the schedule and availability for shows and events, the band decided to replace the Frontaman Eneas Silva and putting in its place, a talented and experienced vocalist and guitarist named Leonardo Brindeiro of. Thus, the release the first CD plan in 2015 remains alive and developing.

The current lineup of HELLFLIGHT:


Name: Leonardo Brindeiro
Age: 29
Instrument: Vocal and Guitar
Music influences:  Metallica, Black Sabbath, Megadeth e Motorhead
Previous bands: Old gansters , Rock hour, 7th horse e holfman


Name: Jan Selders
Age: 35
Instrument: Led Guitar
Music influences: Metallica, Rammstein, Marty Friedman, Faith No More e Rage Against The Machine
Previous bands: Towaboo e Motorbreath


Name: Adriano dos Santos Oliveira
Age: 31
Instrument: bass and back vocals
Music influences: Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Testament, Anthrax, Iced Earth, Sepultura, Deep Purple e Motorhead
Previous bands: Arcane Denial e Dragon’s Child


Name: Rodrigo Morelli
Age: 38
Instrument: Drums
Music influences: Metallica, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Motörhead, Judas Priest e Guns N’Roses
Previous bands: Motorbreath, BomberPack e Dark Side

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