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Listening Mosh Pit Kerosene our first album

Listen Mosh Pit Kerosene wherever you are and want!!!

Hellflight artwork evolution!!!

One minute to check the artwork of the first album of hellflight, enjoy!!  

New Album almost already!

The new album Mosh Pit Kerosne is almost already to destroy, that is the art of the album enjoy!!! Especial thank’s to Aline Delmonte & Mayumi Ito, we are very happy for the great work!!!  

Retrospective Hellflight 2016!

The 2016 was a great year for the band and we would like to share with you!!! It was not an easy year for anyone, nor for us, but we left here a little bit of what we did in 2016. From the first days of January until today, we work, play, record and grow…

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